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1970 Chevrolet Scirocco Showcar

Chevrolet Aero Coupe Corvette Show Car, 1969
Chevrolet Aero Coupe Corvette Show Car, 1969
Chevrolet Scirocco Showcar, 1970
Chevrolet Scirocco Showcar, 1970
Chevrolet Scirocco Showcar, 1970
Chevrolet Scirocco Showcar, 1970
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1969 Aero Coupe, 1970 Scirocco, 1974 Mulsanne Concepts
The 1969 Aero Coupe started life as a stock 1968 350 Corvette. It was modified by Bill Mitchell to a show car and used to preview the 1970 1/2 styling changes. The changes he made included a taller windshield, a lift-off one-piece roof, large side exhaust; spoilers, front and rear, cast alloy wheels and cross hatch grille and side vents. The car was painted bright red and at certain times, Mitchell used it the Aero Coupe as his personal ride.

A short time later, in 1970, the Aero Coupe was reworked and renamed Scirocco. It received the slim, Manta Ray-style side pipe covers, got a new paint job with the front bumper-grille assembly painted body color, the mirrors were moved up the door pillars and the roof panel was given a rear view periscope. It had a ZL-1 all aluminum 427 C.I.D. engine coupled to a prototype 4-speed automatic transmission. For the next 4 years the car worked as the pace car at the Can-Am races.

In 1974, the car was restyled again and was renamed Mulsanne. Painted bright metallic silver, the Chevrolet Corvette Mulsanne wore 1975 style front and rear bumper covers. The pop-up headlights were replaced with 4 rectangular lamps under body-fitting clear plastic covers. The hood had a raised center section with recessed, functional scoops on both sides. The interior was completely trimmed in leather with fixed seats and adjustable pedals and steering wheel. Chaparral style lace aluminum wheels were used.

The ZL-1 aluminum engine was bored out to 454 C.I.D. and was equipped with an experimental Rochester fuel injection system. Bill Mitchell called the Mulsanne “the greatest Stingray ever”.
Quelle: Bill Bowman - wiki.gmnext.com
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