1981 Renault Eve

Renault Eve, 1981
Renault Eve, 1981
Renault Eve, 1981
Renault Eve, 1981
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The economy project car
The Eve (Economy Vehicle Elements) was a study in fuel economy, following an agreement with the French Government's Energy Saving Agency. Ample cargo and occupant space, as well as comfort, safety, aerodynamics, and performance, were the main ideas of the Eve, with a drag figure of 0.239. The engine and transmission were controlled by electronics and computers to create an optimum combination engine throttle openings and transmission-gear ratio. The instrumentation behind the steering wheel consisted of two graphs showing the power and fuel consumption curves. The Ere could top 104 miles per hour.

1981 came EVE, the economy project car. Eve was a prototype based on the R18. The first phase of its programme was to concentrate on better aerodynamics and on the use of advanced electronics to control engine and transmission, the power pack and final drive being left as standard initially. Having an all-up weight comparable with that of the R18TL, it had a lower-drag body shape to give a drag coefficient of 0.239 - 43 per cent better than that of the average European car. Good performance was achieved with a smaller engine, the EVE version of the 18 having a 5TL engine of 1,100cc.
Source: Concept Car Central; KATRIINA’S RENAULT CENTER
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