1989 Ferrari Testa d’Oro (Colani)

Ferrari Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1989 - Так выглядела оригинальная Testa d’Oro – она не ездила, но смотрелась куда более выигрышно своей «рекордной» версии.
Ferrari Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1989 - Так выглядела оригинальная Testa d’Oro – она не ездила, но смотрелась куда более выигрышно своей «рекордной» версии.
Ferrari Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1989
Ferrari Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1989
Ferrari Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1989 - Essen Motor Show
Ferrari Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1989 - Essen Motor Show
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992 - Speed record
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992 - Speed record
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992 - Speed record
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992 - Speed record
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992 - Speed record
Lotec Testa d’Oro (Colani), 1992 - Speed record
Images: Colani Design; www.ferraridatabase.com; www.speedheads.de
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Colani Ferrari “Testa d’Oro” holder of the world record in its class at 351 km/h
In 1992, with Mike Strasburg at the wheel, the car hit a world record for vehicles with catalytic converters when tested on Salt Lake, Utah. With a flying start, it achieved a top speed of 351 km/h.


There are eye-catching cars, and then there’s… well, this. Based on a Testarossa, but boasting 700bhp-plus and aerodynamic bodywork by Luigi Colani (the original ‘nutty professor’), the one-off Testa d’Oro has to be seen to be believed...

It's driveable, but...

It’s hard to know how to begin describing this car. Words fail us. So let’s start by saying that it’s not just an art installation – it’s driveable – but not always easily. For a start, the front spoiler is so long and low that taking it anywhere on the roads requires careful planning. Hence, when Classic Driver’s Rémi Dargegen went to Maranello to photograph it, he made do with static pictures.

Built for speed

The Testa d’Oro (named for its gold cam covers) was built to set speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats by German designer Luigi Colani. Its organic, aerodynamic shape is typical of Colani’s radical designs, as is the not-entirely-practical front splitter, while German tuning house Lotec was responsible for the (recently fully rebuilt) twin-turbo engine.

Class winner

First put together in 1989 (but with at least two subsequent body changes), it never did fulfil Colani’s dreams of setting a new World Record for the highest speed attained by a road-legal car, but it did win its class at Bonneville in 1991, with a speed of 218mph.

"Made by a crazy man"

Style-wise, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But to quote Rémi Dargegen who, as a renowned photographer, isn’t easily overwhelmed by a car’s visual impact: “The car has unbelievable presence. It’s a real UFO, a veritable flying saucer – but a real-life one, that you might actually see on the road one day. It’s a concept/show car of the 1990s, made by a crazy man, so the measurements are very approximate, but the shape is unique. And very, very impressive. Every time you look at it, you discover a new detail, an angle, a curve. Colani’s creations are out of this world.”

The Ferrari Testa d’Oro was recently sold via Maranello Purosangue.

Charis Whitcombe - www.classicdriver.com

В начале девяностых Лоттершмид взялся за реализацию смелой задумки известного дизайнера Луиджи Колани – тот, по собственному утверждению, решил утереть нос «господам из Маранелло», построив на агрегатах серийной «Тестароссы» еще более быстрый автомобиль. Колани что-то такое – как всегда, очень обтекаемое и концептуальное – изобразил в натуральную величину, а исполнять подряд отдал конторе Лоттершмида, отчего получившийся автомобиль попал в историю под именем Colani Lotec Testa d’Oro. Лоттершмид вспоминает то сотрудничество без всякого пиетета. Это Колани говорит, что все сделанное им, без всякого компьютера, показывает на практике отличные аэродинамические показатели, поскольку если машина выглядит красиво, то и едет неплохо.

А Лоттершмид вспоминает, что на испытаниях готового образца на соляных озерах Америки пилот чуть не убился – у «Тестадоры» набегающим потоком воздуха отрывало от земли нос, и сидевший за рулем американец от страха выбросил тормозной парашют. Но скорости в 351 км/ч «Тестадора» в итоге достигла.

trend.zr.ru via www.cardesign.ru
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Yup, just goes to prove the age-old saying: put a big enough engine on anything and it'll fly!

Put a big Ferrari 12-cylinder engine into a Fiat Punto and it'll do 350km/h!!!

This is SUCH an abomination!

Colani: do the world a favor, and hire some proper designers to make your concepts at least LOOK GOOD!

And by the way, not everything has to travel at 300km/h. Speed limits on roadways aren't going to be increased anytime soon, so why not focus on producing a vehicle that's appealing in other ways... like aesthetics, handling, or practicality!
Friday, September 11, 2009

Have you put into consideration that this car is 20 years old? Back then there were no Veyrons, McLaren F1s or XJ220s. IIRC the fastest production car in 1989 was the F40, which did around 325 km/h, so 351 km/h was quite a bit faster than the fastest car in those days.

The Testa d'Oro was designed for speed, and they did an officially recorded speedrun on a salt lake somewhere in the USA.

I remember seeing pictures of this in a car magazine and me and my friends were stunned by it's power and futuristic looks. This car DOES look good, but you should not compare it to 2009 cars. 20 years ago this was an absolute killer.
Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I agree with mcVenco, you prove to be totally ignorant in the matter just sayng the motor is all to get speed. Colin Chapman used to say : to go faster add lightness...and also aerodinamics are a big chunk of a car project. not to consider the age of this amazing object is a complte lack of common sense and criticism. in the 80s there were no sophisitcated computer graphics nor cutting edge wind tunnels, this is why this car looks weir. also many caddilacs form the 60s nowadays look weird and full of useless frills. but back then they were stunning. this is a piece of engineering art, and without any doubt one of the most beautiful objects back then.
stick with the infinity site if you want nonsense design in a passionless car.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
That guy Mike, needs to be hit in the balls with a sledgehammer.
Colani is an absolute GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, June 25, 2015
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