1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

Oldsmobile Aurora, 1995
Oldsmobile Aurora, 1995
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The Oldsmobile Aurora was a luxury car made by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors and launched in 1995. It was a luxurious 4-door sedan riding on the same Cadillac-derived G platform as the 2-door Buick Riviera. Since the demise of the Ninety Eight in 1996, the Aurora became the flagship Oldsmobile. Also, in a way, it is the successor of the Ninety-Eight or the Eighty-Eight (at least for 2000). A V6-powered version was introduced in 2001 to supplant the Eighty-Eight and the LSS. It was introduced to bring new life to Oldsmobile, but did not display the Oldsmobile name on the exterior. There was also a rumor at the time that the name of the whole Oldsmobile marque would be changed to simply "Aurora."

Полноразмерный переднеприводный автомобиль с кузовом седан.

В качестве прототипа модель была представлена в 1993 в Детройте. Серийный выпуск начался в 1995.

Aurora стала родоначальницей стиля, характеризующего сегодня все новые автомобили "Oldsmobile". На ее базе позднее появились Intrigue и Alero. Агрессивный силуэт Aurora сочетается со спортивной подвеской и динамичным 4,0-литровым бензиновым двигателем V8 Northstar мощностью 253 л.с
Source: wiki; km.ru
Hayden wicker
Monday, December 10, 2012
I LOVE the 2001 model aurora by oldsmobile . The 1995 to 1999 guzzled fuel all the time luxurious but a tank when it comes down to fuel economy
Mark Athon
Saturday, March 5, 2016
Its no wonder Olds went out of biz. This Aurora is ugly! Looks like a catfish out of water!
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