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1959 Ford Levacar Mach I

1960 Ford Levacar Concept Vehicle
1960 Ford Levacar Concept Vehicle
Ford Levacar Mach I, 1959
Ford Levacar Mach I, 1959
Ford Levacar Mach I, 1959
Ford Levacar Mach I, 1959
Ford Levacar Mach I, 1959
Ford Levacar Mach I, 1959
Ford Levacar Mach I, 1959
Ford Levacar Mach I, 1959
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Ford Levаcar Mach I (Ford Levicar Mach I)
No, this is not an April Fool's Joke!

A wild concept from as far back as 1960, the Levacar Mach 1 was the first full-scale wheeless vehicle, utilizing air propulsion.

What's more amazing is that the idea was first proposed in 1930.

The question is where do you put the quarter?

Ford Motor Co.’s Levacar Mach I appeared in the Ford Rotunda in spring 1959. A full-sized prototype, this was an one-man "flying car" that was "levitated" several inches off the ground by three powerful air jets located on the bottom of its chassis. Planned to be powered by a small-scale turbojet engine, the Levacar was purportedly designed to reach a top speed of nearly 500 mph!

Levacar Mach 1 - автомобиль будущего, придуманный компанией Ford в 1959 году. Он должен был скользить по воздуху нагнетаемому тремя двигателями под днище.
Source: www.oriole.net; www.fantastic-plastic.com
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very good
Tuesday, June 09, 2009
great gear...
Friday, November 20, 2009
At a friends house when I was five or six I saw what I believe was a model of this car. I was alone and walked into their kitchen. There on the table was a little modern looking car of a larger scale than what I was used to and it had a white hose attached to it. So I put it in my mouth and blew. The little car moved across the table top with a little push! What fun. Wonder if the model still exists and could it be reintroduced?
Saturday, December 12, 2009
I bought the model of the Ford Levicar when it came out many many moons ago and enjoyed it a lot. Sure wish I still had it! I believe Revell was the model builder. I'd surely like it to be reintroduced again, too, just as it was with the air tube in the back.
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
When I was ten years old I won a radio station contest (Question: Who is buried in Grants Tomb?)in Seattle. The prize was a ride in the actual Levicar. Ford had it in some sort of road show that was at the Northgate mall in Seattle. It was tethered so that it would run around about a 50' circular track at walking speed. I remember that it was fairly noisy from the air exaust. Some sites on the web claim it was Magnetic but the one I rode in was definetly air powered. When I was done with the ride they gave me one of the models that were mentioned in previous posts. Sure wish I had it now!
Saturday, March 26, 2011
My brother keith and I both received a model of this car from Uncle Chester and Aunt Anne in probably 1962. We were heavily into model cars...so this gift was cherished. Damn, I wish i still had one of those classic model cars. It was so futuristic. And it was around the time when the Space Needle was built. I felt sooooooo 21st Century! Thank you Uncle Chester! Tiny, Portland, Oregon.
Saturday, November 15, 2014
I still have a Leva car mach 1 model 1/17
scale.still in box,hose&3mouth piesces this is the promo,before AMT made it. Can someone tell me,Whats its worth?
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