1977 Chrysler LeBaron Turbine

Chrysler LeBaron Turbine, 1977
Chrysler LeBaron Turbine, 1977
Chrysler LeBaron Turbine, 1977
Chrysler LeBaron Turbine, 1977
Chrysler LeBaron Turbine, 1977
Chrysler LeBaron Turbine, 1977
Chrysler LeBaron Turbine, 1977
Chrysler LeBaron Turbine, 1977
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LeBaron-based Special (Designer - Bob Marcks)
This 1977 Chrysler LeBaron Turbine, sometimes referred to as a "LeBaron-based Special," clearly shows some styling cues that would later be incorporated into the 1981-1983 Imperial design. In many ways, this Turbine car looks like a late ’70s Dodge Magnum with a "futuristic" ’81-’83 Imperial front clip. This design exercise provides an interesting mid-point between the rounded Mopars of the late 1970s and the sharp lines of the ’81-’83 Imperials.
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Juli Bunting
6 марта 2008 г.
Does anyone know what interior options were offered with this car and what colors it came in or where I could go for that information? Thanks.
16 августа 2008 г.
this was a concept car, wound up a LeBaron WITHOUT the blade fenders, hidden headlights or the cougar center grille. This is one of the ones I've lusted for since I was a kid, thanks for the memories/flashback.
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