Chevrolet Advertising Campaign (1956)

Chevrolet "Two-Ten" 4-Door Sedan Ad (April, 1956)
Chevrolet "Two-Ten" 4-Door Sedan Ad (April, 1956)
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The Hot One's Even Hotter
The theme for '56 was The Hot Ones Even Hotter with lots of emphasis on the new high performance engines available. What better way to get across the idea of top performance than to show Chevy as the tiger that leads the fire engines to the fire? I don't know who did the art but chances are it was one of Jim Hastings favorites from San Francisco. Maybe Stan Galli. The model is the "Two Ten" Sedan and one not usually shown as the principal illustration but in this case the hero. The Bel Air Hardtop is shown as the small illustration near the logo.
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