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1969 Volkswagen EA276 Golf Concept

Volkswagen EA276 Golf  Concept, 1969
Volkswagen EA276 Golf Concept, 1969
Volkswagen EA276 Golf  Concept, 1969
Volkswagen EA276 Golf Concept, 1969
Bilder: www.volkswagen-automuseum.de; Volkswagen AG.
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The EA276 - good job they went with the Golf instead
From 1969, with the idea of a front wheel drive, front-engined philosophy well in place, Volkswagen made its first steps, ironically with an aircooled prototype. Somewhat boxy in appearance, the EA276 was a hatchback design with a front mounted aircooled engine as the powerplant and MacPherson strut suspension. Again, it never made it into production in Germany, but was used as a test bed for the up and coming Beetle killer „ the Golf. The basic design was eventually shipped to Brazil and adapted into the VW Gol (not a spelling mistake). This was a hatchback between the Polo and Golf in size, which began life with a front mounted aircooled engine. Subsequently its appearance morphed so that it looked more like the Golf (though smaller) and was converted to use watercooled powerplants.
Quelle: www.ltv-vwc.org.uk
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Freitag, 10. Mai 2013
Ok, there are mechanical aspects in common between this concept car and the Brazilian Gol. But the style are totally different! The Gol was inspired by the first Scirocco. See the first Gol (1980) here: http://bestcars.uol.com.br/carros/vw/antigos/gol-1980-1.jpg