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1987 Chevrolet Blazer XT-1

Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987 - Interior
Chevrolet Blazer XT-1, 1987 - Interior
Bilder: GM; Concept Car Central
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Chevrolet dubbed the XT-1 a truck, while it appears as a van intended to attract buyers who enjoy being outdoors. The four-wheel-drive XT-1 dropped down for ease of entry, and shifted into four-wheel-drive automatically when needed. The entire top half of the vehicle was glass, mating it appear as a greenhouse or a long glass tube. The vehicle"s thirty computers checked the operations and transferred information to a single display screen in front of the steering pod. Four-wheel long-travel independent suspension allowed each of the wheels to travel up to 10.5 inches to individually adjust to changes in the road, surface, preventing loads from shifting and providing the passengers with a smoother ride. The driver could also set the suspension characteristics and trim heights differently, depending on the tenain. The vehicle could drop up to one inch for easy entry, and could be set up to four inches higher for rough off-road exploring. Four-comer leveling compensated for uneven load distribution. The transfer case included a self-sensing four-wheel-drive operation that automatically shifted the XT-1 into four-wheel-drive when it sensed that a wheel was beginning to slip. A computer maximized performance by sensing slip and shifting torque fore and aft as much as 30 percent to the other axle while in four-wheel-drive.

Но, конечно, помыслы автопроизводителей были не только о лете и пляже. Был, например, такой вот суровый концепт от Chevrolet. Он оснащен огромными распашными дверьми (для максимально легкого доступа на задний ряд), багажным отделением с несколькими отсеками, а также полностью цифровой панелью приборов и компьютером, отвечающим за работу основных систем машины.

По умолчанию автомобиль был заднеприводным, но когда наблюдалось проскальзывание передних колес, компьютер делал ХТ-1 полноприводным. Более того, для улучшения управляемости и повышения маневренности машина была оснащена подруливающей задней осью.
Quelle: Concept Car Central; motor.ru
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Freitag, 1. Mai 2009
gostei do painel muito legau..
Sonntag, 30. August 2009
a van, without rear door... it's giong to be real difficult to transprt something without it falls of
Sonntag, 2. Mai 2010
Glad this ugly thing was never produced
Mittwoch, 13. April 2011
I thought it was a great concept but it would have been better if the tailgate opened, and I guess everyone is entitled to their opnion but i thought over all it was pretty cool they should have produced it