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1990 GMC Transcend

GMC Transcend, 1990
GMC Transcend, 1990
GMC Transcend, 1990
GMC Transcend, 1990
GMC Transcend, 1990
GMC Transcend, 1990
Bilder: GMC; Concept Car Central; www.chicagoautoshow.com
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A GMC prototype pickup truck displayed at the 1990 show was called Transcend, finished in a raspberry over magenta paint scheme. Most notable features were the cab and bed sections merged into a single unit, and a remote-controlled retractable hardtop roof. Complementing the exterior, the two-seat cockpit was upholstered in raspberry and black leather and cloth. Transcend was based on the Sierra full-size truck chassis.


Based on the GMC Siena pick-up, the Transcend featured a retractable roof which stowed away behind the seats or covered the top at the push of a button. The cab and cargo bed were integrated together for a smoother appearance. A remote transmitter controlled the retractable roof and keyless entry and ignition systems. High-back six-way-power bucket seats automatically adjusted to pre-set setting when the doors were opened. While the exterior was finished in black and magenta, the leather and cloth interior was complete in raspberry and black finishings. The center console housed a compact disc player, accessory power modules, cup holders, and storage compartments for small items. The Transcend's low suspension and custom-designed chrome wheels intended to attract the pick-up truck hot-rodders of the early 1990s.

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