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1992 Renault Reinastella

Renault Reinastella, 1992
Renault Reinastella, 1992
Renault Reinastella, 1992
Renault Reinastella, 1992
Renault Reinastella, 1992
Renault Reinastella, 1992
Renault Reinastella, 1992
Renault Reinastella, 1992
Bilder: Renault
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The Renault Reinastella was an imaginary futuristic car model, designed by Renault to illustrate the Visionarium attraction at Disneyland Paris.

The model was installed at the entrance to the attraction when the park opened in April 1992 and withdrawn in June 2002 at the end of the partnership between Renault and the theme park.

As is often the case with Disney, each element of an attraction is the subject of extensive script research. The Reinastella is therefore endowed with a coherent and precise fictional history.

The Reinastella was Renault’s take on the car from 2328. It was designed from the latest biomechanical techniques, coated with an innovative synthetic material and propelled by a bio engine supplied with a fluid named "PlasmElf" (reference to the French oil tanker Elf). Its generator allowed. it to move around 15cm above the ground at around 50 km/h in the city. It could also cross the country at a height of almost 150m at a speed of 300 km/h. Its exterior design was as such to improve its aerodynamics.

It could carry up to five people in perfect silence, controlled by voice commands in automatic mode, thanks to its artificial intelligence. A porthole in the floor at the front helped occupants to enjoy the view at high altitude.

The story goes on that there were rumours of accidents that occurred during its development. One of the prototypes during its test phase with two people on board went missing. It was found a few days later, in a desert area without any trace of the testers. The car was suspected of absorbing itself into its body as a result of a malfunction with no chance of the testers being found alive. The prototype was destroyed after analysis, however no other incidents were noted. For safety, the structure of Reinastella was been modified to make it incompatible with a mammal and thus avoid any phenomenon of assimilation.

Totally fictional, as with many other attractions at the park, this story actually remains unknown to most visitors of the attraction.
Quelle: Renault
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