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1995 Kia KMX-3

Kia KMX-3, 1995
Kia KMX-3, 1995
Kia KMX-3, 1995
Kia KMX-3, 1995
Kia KMX-3, 1995
Kia KMX-3, 1995
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Samstag, 22. März 2014
Since 2002 i´m the owner of only existing conceptcar Kia KMX3
topcolor is black-metallic, bumbers and around color is a softpink-metallic, interior is pink leather
The car is runnig, but instruments, lights, switches are fake. it is possible to drive the car, but exhaust-monoxide is coming througt different open parts of firewall.
windows can not be open! to switch lights and starter-motor, ignition, horn ... is a "dashboard" placed in frontpassanger-footarea
nice car for collection or to drive on private ground (or to have short fun with dealer-plates).
Sell the car for best offer, minimum 25.000 EURO. Condition: 3 +/- (some clued interior-parts had fall down, leathercolor bleached from sun ...)
placed in Luxemburg