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1995 Mitsubishi MAUS

Mitsubishi MAUS, 1995
Mitsubishi MAUS, 1995
Mitsubishi MAUS, 1995
Mitsubishi MAUS, 1995
Mitsubishi MAUS, 1995
Mitsubishi MAUS, 1995
Bilder: JOHN LLOYD Collection; www.microcar.org
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Mini Active Urban Sandal - A two-seater microcar concept.
MITSUBISHI MAUS: The bigger concept-mover on the stand was called GAUS (Global Adventure Utility System), and there was a 4WD concept called ZAUS (don’t ask). MAUS stands for Mini Active Urban System, but the officials on the stand didn’t seem to understand when we asked them where Mickey was. Anyway, it’s another re-discovery of the European bubble cars of the 1950s that were only killed off by the British Mini.

Based on the company’s MUM electric car of two years back, it’s just 2.5 metres long, with a six-metre turning circle and up-to-scale crash protection. The engine is a three-cylinder 500 cm and modular construction means it can also be built as an electric car.

The three modules are a frame-carrying engine and suspension, a sheet metal platform with tubular side members and the plastic resin body shell. The only problem is that it has only one door, no interior trim, and no dash - but look, the seats are actually a hammock style with the fabric acting as the springing. Yep, just the same as on the Renault R4 and the Citroen 2CV.
Quelle: Bill Tuckey - The Age via www.darwinmovers.com.au
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