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1997 Suzuki C2

Suzuki C2 Concept, 1997
Suzuki C2 Concept, 1997
Suzuki C2 Concept, 1997
Suzuki C2 Concept, 1997
Suzuki C2 Concept, 1997
Suzuki C2 Concept, 1997
Suzuki C2 Concept - 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show
Suzuki C2 Concept - 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show
Bilder: Suzuki
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Suzuki’s super-sport, provides the great fun to drive with a compact body. It followed and developed the basic concept of Suzuki "Cappuccino".
The Suzuki C2 was a promising and well proportioned two seat sports car concept first revealed at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Mounted up front was an complex 1.6 litre V8 engine which produced 250 horsepower @ 4,000 rpm and 283 Nm or torque @ 4,000 rpm. Power was sent to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission.

Considering the C2 was designed back in 1997 the styling has stayed remarkably fresh. Yes the wheels look a little bland, some of the minor details look dated compared to modern cars, and the black colored wheel arch extensions would have to go, but with just a few minor tweeks the C2 could easily match some contemporary sports cars for style. The basic shape and clean lines of the grille coupled with the triple beam headlights are particularly successful, as is the rear section with its twin exhausts neatly tucked into the rear bumper.

The roof system of the Suzuki C2 offered flexibility due to its clever design. It could be either a fully enclosed vehicle, a full convertible, or by removing the centre panel it was a targa top.

Как вы думаете, какую мощность можно снять с двигателя объемом 1,6 литра? 150 сил? 180? А может, все 220? Конструкторам фирмы Suzuki удалось выдать на-гора 250 л. с. при 7000 об/мин! Для этого небольшой моторчик сделали 8-цилиндровым (мы не ошиблись — восьмицилиндровым!) с углом развала цилиндров 90 градусов и приладили к нему два турбонагнетателя с промежуточным охлаждением.

Чудо-мотор установили на концептульный родстер Suzuki C2 длиной всего 3650 мм. Расположенный впереди двигатель приводит через 6-ступенчатую КПП задние колеса. Интересно, когда подобные моторы окажутся под капотами серийных машин?
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