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1997 Suzuki UW-1

Suzuki UW-1 Concept, 1997
Suzuki UW-1 Concept, 1997
Suzuki UW-1 Concept, 1997
Suzuki UW-1 Concept, 1997
Bilder: Suzuki; www.ritzsite.nl
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A multi-purpose wagon with a futuristic feel, the UW-1 (Utility Wagon-1 ) combines style and practicality in a five-seater package that is remarkable for its light, airy cabin, advanced engineering and chic looks.

New generation utility wagon aimed at the maximum space efficiency in the compact body. It provides diversified possibility from the daily runabout to weekend leisure activities.

A multi-purpose compact wagon with futuristic urban styling, the UW1 was seen at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 1997

Central to the design of the UW1 are the concepts of improved cabin space, light and visibility.

All of the UW1 windows - from the windscreen, sides, rear quarters and the rear are made as large as possible to allow maximum light penetration into the cabin.

Above the driver, a double sunroof opens to access still more daylight.

The UW1’s four cylinder DOHC fuel injected engine is mid-ship mounted under the rear of the long wheelbase vehicle, and the UW1’s tyres are placed at the very corner of the chassis, providing a spacious, fully flat cabin and luggage area.

Driver visibility is also aided by a unique "bridged" dashboard, allowing outside light to be drawn from above and below the shelf-style instrument panel.

The space-age dash also houses the vehicle’s pull-down computerised nerve-centre, controlling the UW1’s on-board navigation and safety systems, all operated from a centre console command pod.

The LCD computer screen incorporates an advanced collision avoidance driver warning system, and radar forward monitoring equipment performs vehicle navigation functions and enables an anti-collision alarm.

Other safety features in the UWI include dual airbags, reinforced cabin safety shell, and a technical design emphasis on a light and airy cabin to reduce driver fatigue. Suspension comes from MacPherson struts up front and five-link coil rear suspension. Transmission is four-speed automatic, in dial-type column shift configuration, mounted on the steering column.

The UW1 is just one example of company design team’s projections for the urban car of the future, as Suzuki strives to meet consumer needs into the next century.

Микровэн UW-1 с четырехцилиндровым литровым двигателем. Если обычный минивэн немного ужать в размерах и оформить его в "геометрическом" стиле, то получится Suzuki UW-1. Остекление сделано "настолько большим, насколько это возможно", а мотор спрятан под полом в задней части машины. Похоже, заднемоторная компоновка возвращается (вспомните, скажем, "мерседесовский" "Смарт").
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