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1998 Oldsmobile Bravada X-Scape

Oldsmobile Bravada X-Scape, 1998
Oldsmobile Bravada X-Scape, 1998
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Targeting a practical, producable and fully functional experimental model, the changes from the production Bravada were limited to realistic add-on features. Incorperating the levels of luxury found in an Aurora into the Bravada was a key goal. Low profile high-performance tires mounted on 17" wheels gave it a more agressive stance while improving on-road stability and control. In touch with Oldsmobile"s signature design cues, jewel-like clear lens headl lamps and tail lamps were added along with body colored door handles and exterior rear view mirrors. Rear view mirrors also had red-orange internal illuminationto warn other drive"s of an impending turn with an arrow and a stop by means of a bold diamond. When the transmission is shifted into reverse, this display flashes like a strobe lamp. X-Scape"s supercharged engine delivers 245 horsepower at 4750 rpm and a peak torque of 315 lb-ft at 3000 rpm. The 29 percent gain in power and 26 percent extra torquevs. the non- supercharged production version, trim the Bravada"s 0 to 60 mph acceleration time to less than eight seconds.

And consistent with Bravada"s upscale SUV mission, all interior materials are premium grade: 18-ounce plush carpeting for the floor and seat-back surfaces, supple harness-grained two-toned leather for seating surfaces and color coordinated steering column and steering wheel. To complement bucket seats in front there are two individual seats in the rear separated by a center console. All of the seats except the driver"s bucket fold to create a level load floor for transporting long or especially bulky items. To entertain rear seat passengers, aVCR is built into the extended-length floor console. Overhead, there"s a 7-inch liquid-crystal monitor that hinges down from the overhead console for viewing taped program material. This system also includes wireless stereo head-phones stowed in the center console which offers rear passengers the choice of audio material from the video cassette player or the Monsoon sound system. A special shelf, called Cargo Max™, is built into the rear compartment and slides out a full 24-inches on roller tracks to facilitate loading and unloading heavy or bulky parcels toward the forward extremes of Bravada"s spacious cargo hold. A second use for the Cargo Max™ is to provide buffet service for tailgate parties. The third mode aids Saturday shopping, the rear half of the Cargo Max™ contains folding partitions that can be erected to help organize and support several bags of groceries or shopping-mall purchases. The forward half of the shelf is divided into two shallow covered storage bins for securing essential documents, dining ware, or to store small valuables out of sight. Another useful feature on the right side is a lockable storage bin for fairly large items. The bin is 8.5" x 8" x 13" in size.
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