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2004 Chevrolet S3X

Chevrolet S3X, 2004
Chevrolet S3X, 2004
Chevrolet S3X, 2004
Chevrolet S3X, 2004
Bilder: General Motors Corp.
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Athletic and appealing: The S3X off-road concept with seven seats.

Just as the Kalos heralded the establishment of GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co. (GM DAT) in South Korea only two years ago, so the Chevrolet S3X show car rings in a new era for Chevrolet in Europe, with new products designed, engineered and manufactured in South Korea. Featuring environmentally friendly hybrid technology, the S3X gives a glimpse into potential future propulsion systems. When the production version is launched in 2006, it will be the first diesel-powered Chevrolet in Europe. It will also be the first vehicle in the line-up to be developed entirely by GM DAT.

The S3X also offers a preview of possible styling cues for future Chevrolet models. The eye-catching SUV (length/width/height: 4,639/1,848/1,722 mm) features powerfully flared wheel arches filled by large 20-inch wheels, striking metal inserts in the front and rear bumpers, horizontal vents in the wings and jewel-like front headlamps in which the light is diverted by cylindrical prisms. Whether open or closed, the large, louvered glass roof creates a light, roomy atmosphere inside the S3X. In addition, the Chevrolet show car is very practical: The rear window can be opened separately to make the luggage compartment readily accessible without needing to open the rear flap.
Quelle: GM
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