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2006 Carcerano Sonny

Carcerano Sonny, 2006
Carcerano Sonny, 2006
Carcerano Sonny, 2006
Carcerano Sonny, 2006
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At the 2006 Bologna Motor Show Turin-based design company Carcerano has unveiled Sonny, a futuristic prototype of an environment-friendly city car.
Designed by Carcerano Creative Engineering, Sonny was unveiled at the "L’auto che verrà" exhibition, hosted at the Bologna Motor Show.

It has compact dimensions (total length of 2,915 mm, width of 1,684 mm, height 1,616 mm, wheelbase 1,960 mm) and was designed with particular attention to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The Sonny concept vehicle can transport four people, with the rear seats hidden by the large C-pillars.

All the body panels are made out of lightweight recyclable material.

The exterior design combines clean surfaces, generous volumes and large glass surfaces that enhance visibility. The automatic transmission is coupled with ESP and ABS with brake assist.

The ICS communication system can be integrated with future urban traffic management systems.
Quelle: autoblog.it
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