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2008 Suzuki A-Star

Suzuki A-Star, 2008
Suzuki A-Star, 2008
Suzuki A-Star, 2008
Suzuki A-Star, 2008
Suzuki A-Star, 2008
Suzuki A-Star, 2008
Suzuki A-Star, 2008
Suzuki A-Star, 2008
Bilder: Maruti Suzuki
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Suzuki has revealed the A-Star Concept, an A-segment five-door hatchback vehicle that previews a global production model which will be launched on October 2008 in Europe and other Countries including India. It will debut at Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi.
The Concept A-Star is the first concept car with which designers from Maruti Suzuki India’s research-and-development division have been involved from the beginning of styling development. As such, it’s an excellent showcase of Maruti Suzuki India’s capabilities.

The production model that inherits some of the design themes of the Concept A-Star will be built at Maruti Suzuki India’s Manesar plant and sold mainly in Europe but also in India and other countries. Production is due to start in October 2008. Full-scale production for Europe is due to start in December 2008 and will be followed by expansion for other markets around the world.

In the Concept A-Star, sportiness is embodied by styling in which dynamic-looking body contours communicate the Suzuki sports DNA and boldly flared fenders and extra-large wheels hint at strong dynamic capabilities. The styling includes pink accents that allude to the forthcoming production model’s main target customers.

A chassis that enables lively handling is combined with a body that’s compact enough for manoeuvrability around town but amply sized for a city car. Also, the Concept A-Star has aerodynamically efficient body contours and a high-efficiency 1.0-litre engine for outstanding fuel economy. Overall, the Concept A-Star shows that environmental compatibility and safety can be delivered with no sacrifice in style and performance.

The Concept A-Star’s exterior design theme is "a smart, active, and fun-to-drive vehicle". This theme is reflected in hand-crafted details, in expressions of Japanese and Indian culture, and in elegantly sculpted body with slick surfaces.

At the rear, two pairs of arched lamps combine traditional motifs with an element of surprise. (One of the pairs of lamps is distinguishable only when illuminated.) An unconventional high-mount stop lamp has a Suzuki "S" badge embedded in it like a jewel. Nearer the bottom edge, integrated dual exhaust tailpipes and a rear diffuser convey a sense of performance.

The interior design theme is "giving the user a captivating and exhilarating driving experience". The design communicates sportiness and friendliness through floating-look elements, convex surfaces, sweeping lines, and pink illumination. And throughout the cabin, materials, textures, shapes, and colours are combined in ways that evoke an emotional high.

The most significant interior design feature is a sleek, wing-like instrument panel. A recess below the instrument panel creates a look of lightness and space, and pink lighting in the recess makes the instrument panel look as though it’s floating. A translucent hood over the speedometer complements the floating look.

A central liquid-crystal display with audio, climate, and navigation controls adds to the driver’s excitement. The steering wheel incorporates controls for the liquid-crystal display, turn signals, headlamps, and wipers. And the gear knob, the engine-start button, and the base of the gearshift lever are designed to add touches of sportiness.

Also, a sporty, dynamic character is communicated by black leather seats with pink trim accents, by long, sweeping curves on the door trim, and by aluminium pedals with functional graphics.

На днях компания Suzuki рассказала о планах нового промышленного завода в Индии. Вместе с планами расширения производства, компания Suzuki представила новый концепт-кар A-Star, которому отводится очень серьезная роль – стать новым глобальным компактным автомобилем. A-Star будет продемонстрирован в январе на девятом автошоу в Дельфи. Но уже сейчас можно увидеть этот автомобиль на рисунках. A-Star планируются производить в Индии. Соответствие будущего компакта нормам Евро5 предполагает экспорт его в Европу.
Quelle: conceptcar.co.uk; Автомобильный журнал «МОТОР»