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2015 Suzuki iM-4

Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Suzuki iM-4 Concept, 2015
Bilder: Suzuki
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Компания Suzuki привезла на Женевское моторшоу прототип iM4. Как сообщает Autocar, серийная версия концепт-кара может появиться уже в 2016 году. Тогда же должен состояться дебют внедорожника Jimny нового поколения.

Прототип построен на абсолютно новой платформе, благодаря которой конструкцию машины можно сделать жестче, а массу значительно снизить. Шасси позволит улучшить топливную экономичность, управляемость, безопасность, а также шумо- и виброизоляцию новых моделей Suzuki. В будущем компания собирается уменьшить число своих платформ с четырех до трех.

Прототип iM-4 оснащен оснащен так называемой «частично гибридной» (mild hybrid) силовой установкой. В таких автомобилях тяговый электродвигатель отсутствует, а мотор внутреннего сгорания дополнен системой «старт-стоп». В движение машина приводится 1,2-литровым бензиновым двигателем.

Полноприводный концепт-кар также получил систему рекуперации энергии торможении.

- Intelligent yet tough. An iconic mini 4x4 which expands possibilities and enjoyment of a compact car
- Simple, iconic exterior design fusing innovation with Suzuki's design heritage
- Reliable 4WD performance succeeding Suzuki's 4x4 DNA
- Outstanding fuel economy thanks to a new-generation platform and SHVS mild hybrid system

Suzuki Motor Corporation unveils its world-premiere concept model, the iM-4, at the 85th Geneva Motor Show. Since releasing the LJ series in 1970, Suzuki has been constantly coming up with new ideas in the compact SUV and crossover categories with models such as the first Vitara in 1988 and SX4 in 2006. The iM-4 is our vision for a new compact 4x4 that embodies that DNA while bristling with the latest technology. Its innovativeness, uniqueness and Suzuki's DNA make it the iconic mini 4x4.


The theme of this car: "Shape the Inspiration." The iM-4 is a personal vehicle that opens up new possibilities and new ways to have fun.

Packaged in a simple yet iconic design, the compact iM-4 is intelligent but tough, offering reliable performance rooted in the Suzuki 4x4 tradition coupled with the latest fuel-saving technology. The minimalist design blends perfectly into the driver's lifestyle, while its distinctive character brings real inspiration to the daily routine.

With its 4WD system, high minimum ground clearance, and high hip point, the iM-4 is designed to be your credible partner that is easy to drive while also offering performance that lets you confidently drive in snow and on unpaved roads. It has a user-friendly interior and luggage area, and also incorporates cutting-edge technology with a new-generation platform and SHVS mild hybrid system, which deliver excellent fuel consumption with low CO2 emissions.

Design features

This car is designed to be simple yet iconic, pure yet lovable, and innovative yet retro.

The unique and minimalist body consists of plain surfaces and round roof, with straight, architectonic lines that give it a beauty and precision. The large-diameter tyres jutting out at the four corners firmly support the body and hint at the car's power and muscular performance. Dramatic features such as the front fascia with its sunglass-clad look, the helmet-like roof, and the slits on the C-pillars which convey historic Suzuki cars of the past inspire the driver to be creative.

Capsule-like minimalist body that gently embraces the driver.

Plain surfaces and the round roof create a rich expression and give the body simple yet endearing character.

Straight, architectonic lines of the shoulder and glass areas communicate beauty and precision, as does the rectangular motif repeated in features such as the front and rear lower grilles, door mirrors and handles, headlamps, and rear combination lamps.

Sunglass-like front grille and headlamp design coupled with the headlamps' inner architectureand helmet-like roof give the car a lovable appearance.

Suzuki design essence including blacked-out A- and B-pillars, clamshell bonnet, and front fender garnishes are incorporated throughout the vehicle. The configuration of the area around and behind the C-pillar incorporate slits that pay tribute to historic minicars such as the Fronte Coupé and the first Cervo.

Flared bumpers, 18-inch wheels with five-trapezoid design, and side body moulding of the side body deliver a forceful impression of a 4x4.

Innocent White body colour, which expresses modernity, and a clean appearance that stirs the viewer's imagination.
Quelle: motor.ru; Suzuki Press Release