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Packard Mascot (1932-57): Pelican or Cormorant?

1948 Packard Custom 8 Convertible Victoria - Hood Ornament
1948 Packard Custom 8 Convertible Victoria - Hood Ornament
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- The Packard Family's coat of arms was adopted by the Packard Motor Car Company in 1928 after the death of James W. Packard, builder of the first Packard in 1899. He was also first president of the Packard Motor Car Co.

- On the Sixth Series Packard in 1929, a decorative emblem of the Packard coat of arms was placed on the radiator shell. The Packard Motor Car Co. did this to honour the memory of its founder.

- The Packard Pelican hood ornament was first used in 1932 on the ninth series cars. There were many different variations of this design from 1932 until it was last used in 1957. This hood ornament evolved from the pelican on the Packard coat of arms.

- In 1939, Packard Motor Car Co. called the pelican hood ornament on the seventeenth series a Cormorant for the first time. Many owners sent letters to Packard in 1939 and during the years after, disapproving of the name Cormorant. In 1951, Packard changed the name of the hood ornament back to Pelican because of all these letters from loyal Packard owners.
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