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Scott Sociable (1921-25): Трехногая "табуретка"

Scott Sociable, 1922
Scott Sociable, 1922
Scott Sociable, 1922
Scott Sociable, 1922
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Эта трехколесная каракатица была создана Альфредом Ангусом Скоттом еще в 1914 году вместе с авиационной компанией "Виккерс" (Vickers). Авто разрабатывалось для армии – как платформа для пулемета. В военное время автомобилями пользовались разведывательные службы. После войны Скотт решил сделать из своего изобретения народный автомобиль. Несмотря на практичность и простоту, неудачная внешность и высокая стоимость не позволили модели добиться успеха. "Соушейбл" выпускался лишь четыре года (1921-1925).

Самое интересное в данной модели – это расположение колес: два колеса в линию и третье сбоку, немного позади другого заднего колеса, поддерживаемые треугольной трубчатой рамой.

The Scott Motorcycle company was founded in 1908 by Alfred Angus Scott in the UK. For many years Scott built motorcycles that enjoyed tremendous success in competitions; so much so that Scott’s were deemed to be overly efficient against motorcycles of the same capacity and hence their cubic capacity was multiplied by a factor of 1.32 for competitive purposes.

In 1919 the Alfred Scott left the company he had established so that he could pursue the development of the Scott Sociable. This was half sidecar and half a car 3-wheeler. It is thought that this was possibly designed for military purposes, perhaps as a machine gun carrier. Unusually for most 3-wheelers the single front wheel was on the offside and was in line with the rear wheel resulting in a layout similar to a motorcycle and sidecar combination.

The body was made from wood and mounted onto a tubular, triangular frame. The vehicles were powered by Scott's own 578cc water-cooled, two-cylinder, two-stroke engine but were not successful and production ceased in 1925. Alfred Scot did not return to the Scott Company but they continued to make motorcycles until 1979 in which their models featured some of the key characteristics of the original models built in 1908.
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