2001 Carcerano Triagmos

Carcerano Triagmos, 2001
Carcerano Triagmos, 2001
Carcerano Triagmos, 2001
Carcerano Triagmos, 2001
Carcerano Triagmos, 2001
Carcerano Triagmos, 2001
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The Italian carrozzieri had a major presence at the recent Geneva auto show, with Bertone, Fioravanti, I.DE.A. Institute, Italdesign-Giugiaro, Pininfarina and Zagato all showing their latest concept cars. But there was more to come from Turin.

Carcerano and Stola decided to give low-profile debuts to their new concept cars, which were unveiled a week after Geneva at Milan's Design in Motion exposition.

Carcerano, a supplier of virtual reality design services since 1998, introduced its Triagmos project at Milan. Designed by company owner Piero Carcerano, the Triagmos went directly from computer screen to full-size model, as all the visual evaluations were made in virtual reality.

The Triagmos, a 5.5-meter long luxury limousine, is 'like a panther that is about to jump: tense, elegant, majestic,' says Carcerano. Beyond the styling model stage, the car would be equipped with a 6.2-liter W-18 engine capable of 555hp. It would also have permanent four-wheel drive.

The Triagmos features an innovative seating system - every seat has its own cockpit. This, says Carcerano, contributes both to the rigidity of the car and to the passive safety of seat occupants. The seating system meant the Bpillar - which contributes to a car's safety and rigidity - could be removed.

Первой самостоятельной работой Пьеро Луиджи Карцерано (Piero Luigi Carcerano) стал проект представительского седана Triagmos, который не претендовал ни на серийное производство, ни на место законодателя моды. Это была лишь демонстрация возможностей пакета компьютерных технологий, который предлагала заказчику фирма Carcerano. Дизайнер сам называл этот проект не автомобилем, а «цифровой скульптурой».
Source: europe.autonews.com; Журнал «АВТОМОБИЛИ», 8-2003
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