1970 Jeep XJ002 Bolide

Jeep XJ002 Bolide, 1970
Jeep XJ002 Bolide, 1970
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This photo is a 1969 Kaiser Jeep factory shot of the XJ002 "Bolide" concept. The word Bolide means "a large meteor that explodes in the atmosphere," which is maybe appropriate for a flashy concept car that was never produced. It"s also an unusual name for a Jeep, but this was an unusual Jeep. Its plastic roof had bulges for head clearance. Built on a Commando V6 chassis, the off-road sports car was shown at the 1970 NYC Auto Show, and reportedly the XJ002 still survives and is undergoing restoration.
По материалам: www.film.queensu.ca
26 сентября 2009 г.
looks like the offroad version of my 70' opel gt lol,cute.
4 января 2010 г.
I would love to have some specs. on this body modification ...... would need doors here in the UK...heh,heh.....too much rain inside otherwise, hahaha !!
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