1991 Renault Scenic (Coggiola)

Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991 - Interior
Renault Scenic Concept, 1991 - Interior
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Renault Scénic Сoncept (Z01), 1991
1991 came the Scenic concept car (reveiled at Frankfurt Show), a design study which was "an invitation to travel" - a study in space, comfort and safety. Scenic was a technological showcase packed with plenty of technical features, it had for intance a navigationsystem called Carminet.

With Scenic, Renault created the compact MPV, revolutionizing the industry with another new category of vehicle. This concept car was a technological showcase, a design study aimed at producing a 21st-century family vehicle embodying Renault’s idea of the "car for life and living". The "invitation to travel" theme was thoroughly developed in this cocoon-like vehicle, through form, colour and trim, but also through its functional innovations and safety features. Features

- Revolutionary exterior architecture: the first compact MPV

- Absence of centre pillar means the two right-side doors form a single opening, sliding towards each other to offer easy access to the cabin, delivering new levels of space, warmth and comfort

- Single sliding door on driver’s side, which gives Scenic previously unattained stiffness and strength, particularly in the event of lateral impact

- Double floor housing chassis and two stowage holds plus luggage stowage area, accessible via opening both inside and outside the car

- Optimized use of recyclable materials

- Seat-mounted safety belts, two child safety restraints, driver airbag and drowsiness detector for unbeatable safety performance

- Automatic door locking and micro-cameras for rear-view vision

- ABS coupled to automatic transmission and automatic tyre pressure monitoring

- Power steering, four-wheel drive and automatic load levelling system at the rear for a safe, easy and comfortable drive every time

- 150bhp 2.0-litre multivalve engine

- Automatic transmission controlled by keyboard replacing conventional gear lever
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