1992 Hyundai HCD-I

Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992 - Interior
Hyundai HCD-I Concept, 1992 - Interior
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HCD-I Concept (Hyundai California Design)
HCD-I, the first undertaking of the Hyundai California Design Center, is equipped with a 2.0 16-valve DOHC engine which delivers an impressive 150 hp. This classic two-seater sports car is a reflection of state-of-the-art technology applied to the attainment of high performance.

The two-seat HCD-1 sports car combines retro styling with advanced technology and high performance. It is powered by a 2.0-liter, 16-valve DOHC engine capable of producing 150 horsepower. Safety features abound, from dual airbags (a sophisticated option at the time this car was unveiled) and disc brakes on all wheels to antilock brake and traction control systems. The removable Targa roof covers a power rear(glass) window that can be completely retracted. The unique styling approach is bold and exciting, with a muscularity reminiscent of the human form. The anti-cab-forward design on a classic speedster blends a retro feel with an aggressive stance.


A thrill to drive, the HCD-1 starts out as an impressive sports car. The basic package includes a short overhang, rounded wheel arches over large wheels and a uniquely designed trunk that can be loaded with items. This high-performance, singularly styled sports car boasts a host of advanced features.

Basic Design

A neo-classic roadster that will thrill any auto buff who wants to relive yesteryear.


- Seats for two
- 3-box Targa body
- Completely retractable rear glass window
- Disc brakes on all wheels, with traction control and anti-lock brake systems
- Dual airbags
- Completely independent suspension front and rear
- P245/45-17 tires mounted on light alloy wheels
- All-wheel drive

2 vibration-damping balance shafts; 2.0-liter, 16-valve DOHC engine with aluminum heads and block, variable valve system and 150hp output.
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18 июля 2007 г.
where is it now and how much is it
30 августа 2009 г.
Looks like the first generation Dodge Viper's little brother

cool car - I want one!! :-)
27 мая 2012 г.
c'est vrai qu'elle ressemble à la DODGE VIPER.
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