1992 I.A.D. Magia

I.A.D. Magia, 1992
I.A.D. Magia, 1992
I.A.D. Magia, 1992
I.A.D. Magia, 1992
I.A.D. Magia, 1992
I.A.D. Magia, 1992
I.A.D. Magia, 1992
I.A.D. Magia, 1992
I.A.D. Magia, 1992 - Design Sketch
I.A.D. Magia, 1992 - Design Sketch
I.A.D. Magia, 1992 - Design Sketches
I.A.D. Magia, 1992 - Design Sketches
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Lancia Dedra integrale floorpan based 4 seat coupe.
Designers: Michael Ani, Chris Garfield
It’s 1992 Lancia Integrale-based Magia prototype was extremely well received but a hoped-for production run with Lancia never materialized.

TheMotor.Net - IAD - a potted history

Sharp front, aggressive bonnet, flank closing in a muted wedge bunched at the rear to energise a lively tall: these are basic features of the Magia coupe designed by IAD on the Lancia Dedra Integrale platform.


A car to capture the imagination of all the devotees of sporting coupes.

The Magia is the latest in a long line of concept vehicle produced by IAD in support of its outstanding concept vehicle development programme.

Building on Lancia's image as a manufacturer of quality sports coupes, this car now extends the lineage through to the next millenium.

The Magia has the 2 litre turbo Integrale installed in the Dedra platform and svelte body conceived and executed by IAD.

A squat purposeful stance emphasizes its road capability and combines with a blend of the traditional and modern, producing a car which begs to driven. The rich combination of interior furnishings, generous curves and flowing lines adds to the feeling of well-being exphasizing the comfort and safety aspects of Magia.

IAD's Magia represents a fresh and appealing approach for the 90's whilst retaining strong family links with its predesessors in its distinctive lines and unique character.

pete fisher
11 апреля 2008 г.
I used to be the IAD photographer. Still got slides & negs if you are interested
don farthing
10 августа 2009 г.
Hi Pete, I've been hoping to get to talk with you for a while. I'm trying to get more info on the design of Venus and idealy, details of the shape itself. I'd guess you must have a lot of photos of the development of the shape. I've talked with Michael Arni, but he has very little information on Venus now. Although, he did send me what he had. I'm hoping Car Styling will give you my e-mail address. In any case I will watch this space for your return. Regards Don.
21 января 2011 г.
Hi Pete,
I hope you are still active on this one. I am doing a Dedra Integrale project and have a great interest on the story of its developement and unfulfilled potential. Magia is a milestone in this story and any supportive information would be most appreciated. Best, Vasilis
Alan Jackson
27 января 2011 г.
I was Design Director during the great styling period at I A D. Venus, Magia and MiniMPV were just part of that showcar stable that received amazing praise from the auto press and other designers worldwide.Our styling team was small,extremely motivated and our creative output was prolific. Bear in mind that our "real" work was for major OEM'S.The concept vehicles were for I A D'S own marketing stategy.
I am currently with a major USA truck company and still enjoying my styling life.
Saying "Hi" to Pete Fisher and those of the styling team I recall with great affection:-
Cindy Charwick,Marcus Hotblack,Andrew Barber,Chris Garfield,Robin Lock,Chris Longmore,Micael Ani,Dave Ancona and no doubt a couple that slip my mind.
Trully a formidable part of our lives.
27 января 2011 г.
Hi Alan, thank for the information. I will post it on the facebook page where Magia is discussed http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo_search.php?oid=235250494688&view=all

Any comments, relevant stories, or suggestions you, or anyone from the team would spare to make would be most appreciated coming from the 'horse's mouth'... There is much progress on the car, but I have not updated the page for a while. I hope for your feedback. Best, Vasilis
30 сентября 2011 г.
Hi Alan, if you have any brief stories, (such as where is the name originating from?) or 'background' information on why Maggia did not take-off, they would be most appreciated and refered to. Currently the car is close to be completed, currently undegoing a significant modification for the Dedra Integrale's sound system which if you care about sound, I am sure you will appreciate! Best Wishes, Vasilis
Paul Evans
27 июня 2014 г.

Interesting to read your comments. I am currently preparing a book on UK automotive design houses and IAD is a)one of the most interesting b)there is little information available c) I remember the stunning designs from when I was involved in international motor shows in 1980s/1990s.

All contacts/info/comments will be acknowledged.

Best regards

Paul Evans - A|B|A Media
Alan Jackson
30 сентября 2021 г.
Now retired after my 50 year career in Styling Design . Ford UK , Australia,USA , France , Germany. Volkswagen, Düsseldorf Germany.
International Automotive Design . UK , USA +
International clients. Hawtal Whiting. UK + international clients. Technicon Design International clients South Africa , USA .
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