1997 Isuzu ZACCAR

Isuzu ZACCAR Concept, 1997
Isuzu ZACCAR Concept, 1997
Isuzu ZACCAR Concept, 1997
Isuzu ZACCAR Concept, 1997
Isuzu ZACCAR Concept, 1997
Isuzu ZACCAR Concept, 1997
Иллюстрации: Isuzu Motors Ltd.; www.iris.ne.jp
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The ZACCAR is a new-SUV with a compact sporty body and open deck providing a free-and-easy utility space.
Building upon its established diesel engineering leadership, Isuzu introduces its newest advanced concept SUV, Zaccar. Zaccar’s name is derived from the words, "zip, "active," and "creative." Zaccar is equipped with a clean burning, lightweight, four-cylinder, 3.0-liter DOHC, turbo-charged, direct-injection diesel. To further reduce emissions, the engine is equipped with an innovative Isuzu designed ceramic diesel particulate filter that virtually eliminates particulate emissions. It also features distinctive styling with a multi-function open rear deck, an innovative rear third door on the passenger side and a unique swing-action rear carrier arrangement.

Zaccar’s rear deck incorporates a removable cover and open tailgate area allowing different configurations to accommodate stowage for a variety of loads. The swing-action rear carrier swings down to the rear for fitting such items as mountain bikes, skis, kayaks, surfboards and other large recreational sports gear, it can then easily be swung back up to the roof, allowing access to the rear storage compartment.

A third door on the passenger side swings from hinges mounted toward the rear of the vehicle, opening up the entire passenger side and allowing very easy access to the spacious rear seating area. Inside, with generous headroom and a large glass area, the Zaccar generates a feeling of openness. In addition, the Zaccar features four airbags, two for front and two for side impact.

Zaccar is built on an Amigo chassis and features a four-speed automatic, the most advanced 4-wheel drive system available, TORQUE-ON-DEMAND®, a double wishbone and torsion bar independent front suspension, five-link coil in the rear, four-wheel ventilated disc brakes, ABS, 17-inch alloy wheels, 245/65R17 tires and electronic GP navigation system.

Zaccar represents Isuzu’s vision of the continuing evolution of the sports-utility vehicle, an efficient package design offering excellent utility combined with superb off-highway capability.

Isuzu Zaccar. Второй прототип, ZACCAR выглядит более мирно, а его необычный кузов привлекает внимание распашными дверями без средних стоек и трансформируемой "для любых нужд" задней частью.

Главная особенность машины — необычный алгоритм открывания задней двери. Такой внедорожник подойдет любителям возить с собой велосипеды и серфы
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