2011 MG Concept 5

MG Concept 5, 2011
MG Concept 5, 2011
MG Concept 5, 2011
MG Concept 5, 2011
MG Concept 5, 2011 - Design Sketch
MG Concept 5, 2011 - Design Sketch
MG Concept 5, 2011 - Design Sketch
MG Concept 5, 2011 - Design Sketch
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MG has unveiled one of the early stars of the Shanghai motor show: a new Focus-size hatchback called Concept 5.

The neat five-door is the work of MG’s Longbridge design studio; the show car itself was built in the UK. Styled under the direction of the firm’s design boss Tony Williams-Kenny, it blends ‘new MG’ design cues - particularly around the front end, which resembles the MG Zero concept - with new traits, including Alfa Giulietta-esque tail-lights.

The 5 is being pitched to the Chinese audience as a ‘British design concept’; Union Jacks and footage shot in London featured heavily during the promotional film, and Williams-Kenny himself was brought out for the presentation.

MG hasn’t issued plans for production, but it’s thought that the rapidly expanding Chinese market has more than enough capacity to make it a reality.

It’s hard to believe the firm won’t consider European sales for such a car - although it would appear to conflict with the recently launched 6, which aims to offer a larger-than-usual package in the Focus/Golf class.

MG’s sister firm Roewe used this morning’s conference to unveil its W5 off-roader. It’s a four-wheel drive model designed and built under license from Ssangyong, but it’s unlikely to become an MG. The terms of the agreement between SAIC-Roewe and Ssangyong prevent its sale outside China.

Опубликованы первые изображения автомобиля MG 5, мировая премьера которого состоится на автошоу в Шанхае. Этот пятидверный хэтчбек составит конкуренцию таким моделям, как Ford Focus и Volkswagen Golf.

Возрожденная марка планирует вновь запустить производство на заводе в Лонгбридже. Сначала предприятие будет выпускать модель MG 6, а потом будет запущена сборка MG 5.

Новая модель была разработана под руководством шеф-дизайнера британского офиса MG Тони Вильямса-Кенни. Автомобиль вобрал в себя элементы дизайна концепт-кара Zero и получил панорамную крышу, заканчивающуюся спойлером.

MG 5 станет вторым автомобилем, построенным на платформе AP, разработанной компанией SAIC, которой принадлежит MG. Первой моделью на этой базе стал седан Roewe 350, дебютировавший в 2010 году.
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