Jaguar XJS 4.0 Litre (1991): Lightning

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Jaguar XJS 4.0 Litre - Lightning, 1991
Jaguar XJS 4.0 Litre - Lightning, 1991
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Who Says Lightning Never Strikes Twice?
The New XJS 4.0 Litre.
The XJS was one of the last of the grand touring cars built for effortless, long-distance and comfortable motoring. The cabin was luxuriously appointed with leather and wood trim and this top-of-the-range car was capable of very high speeds. In May 1991, the XJS was revised with new rear windows, wings, lights and instruments. A new 4.0 litre engine replaced the 3.6 giving rocket-like performance … a fact that obviously wasn’t lost on the advertising agency who likened it to the original E-Type.
9 марта 2009 г.
наслаждаюсь удовольствием от вождения такого, но 5.3 литра V12
роскошный и породистый зверь. словами не выразить, остается только попробовать. г. Брест. Беларусь.
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