The Bathtub by Bob Reisner (1969)

The Bathtub by Bob Reisner (1969)
The Bathtub by Bob Reisner (1969)
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This California Show Car features twin French Bathtubs with lots of plumbing and a twin-blown Chrysler engine.
When the creativity goes to extreme? Well, there aren’t many specimens but here is one that will surely force you say – this is it. What should I call this creation, I know knot, but this image clearly shows that it’s a toilet and bathroom combined on the wheels. Incorporating two full bathing tubs at the rear and the driver’s seat with toilet bowl underneath, this hot rod has big V8 engine to propel this stylishly finished car in gold and velvet accents. Well, if you are too lazy to get up early in the morning, you could refresh yourself on the go to reach your office on time.
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